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Flood Relief Specialists

The objective of Flood Relief Specialists (FRS) is to initiate and complete the process of placing accuracy, which typically results in a reduction or elimination of the required federally mandated flood insurance.


As a realtor (licensed in both California and Michigan),  Lexi encountered a situation where the sale of a property was hindered by the requirement of flood insurance.  The probability of flood damage occurring seemed very minimal, even though the property was designated by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) to be in a SFHA (Special Flood Hazard Area).  A SFHA is a flood zone considered to have the greatest risk of flooding.  

After some in-depth research on the rules, regulations and all the agencies that influence the homeowner’s requirement to maintain flood insurance coverage, Lexi began assisting property owners and buyers with finding a resolve.  By mitigating and consulting, Lexi has saved many property owners by acheiving significant flood policy reductions as well as reclassifications to flood zones that do not require flood insurance at all. 

Lexi quickly realized that the process of acquiring the necessary supporting documentation and working with FEMA, surveyors, community officials, lenders and insurance companies was arduous and time consuming and although property owners could do this on their own, many would prefer to have someone experienced relieve them of this burden.  Much like passing on tax preparation to a tax professional.

Today, after over 20 years in business, Flood Relief Specialists is recognized nationwide by FEMA, lenders, insurance agencies, realtors, property developers and of course the large number of property owners that have benefitted from FRS’s services nationwide.

Providing Accuracy for Residential & Commercial Structures Since 1999

Flood Relief Specialists (FRS) spent over a decade committed to assisting every client and creating solutions for structure owners affected by being placed in the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA). We are confident in answering your questions and providing solutions, guiding you to the most beneficial results.

Providing Flood Insurance Relief
  • Flood Risk Accuracy
  • Elevation Certificates
  • Comprehensive Research
  • Non-Removal Assistance
  • Portfolio Analysis
  • Evaluations
  • Education & Consultation
  • Exceptional Client Services

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