Flood Risk

Is your structure shown to be in a Flood Zone resulting in the requirement to maintain flood insurance?

Flood Relief Specialists (FRS) is a nationwide company that assists residential and commercial structure owners with proving a more accurate level of flood risk associated with their structure(s). This generally results in a reduction or complete elimination of the mandatory flood insurance.

Consumers who contact FRS generally feel they are paying an inflated flood insurance premium or potentially should not be required to pay flood insurance at all. And, they are most often correct. It is, however, the structure owner’s burden to prove that their flood insurance requirement is inaccurate. That is where FRS comes in.

The first step is the Preliminary Evaluation where FRS will conduct an in-depth analsis to validate any rules or regulations that may apply in your favor. This service, at the very least, will broaden the understanding as to how the mandatory flood insurance requirements affect you. FRS believes it is important for you to know whether your flood insurance premium is accurate.

FRS offers non-removal assistance often resulting in a reduction in cost to you, the property owner.

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