Portfolio Analysis

Comprehensive Research
and Exceptional Client Service Combined

An FRS Portfolio Analysis provides options for all of your “flood positive” properties. Flood insurance requirements are widely misconstrued due to the ever-changing NFIP rules and regulations.

FRS offers an invaluable resource that supports your organization in placing accuracy with mandated flood insurance. This results in providing solutions for the troubled “flood positive” structures in which you have a vested interest.

The extended benefit for your company is displaying excellent customer care to those subjected to these requirements. We will customize and tailor solutions according to your specific needs.

FRS is able to efficiently navigate the entire process with lending institutions, insurance agents, property managers, mortgage brokers, insurance brokers, property developers, homeowners associations, flood zone determination companies, property investors, real estate agents, real estate brokers, title and escrow companies.

FRS offers Flood Zone Determinations Nationwide

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