Preliminary Evaluation

The first step FRS recommends is the Preliminary Evaluation. This is where FRS will conduct an in-depth analysis to validate any rules or regulations that may apply in your favor. FRS analyzes the placement of your structure(s) in the SFHA (Special Flood Hazard Area) and the area around it to determine if it is beneficial for you to proceed with our process. FRS’s process for determining a more accurate level of flooding risk where you advance forward as you qualify. This process is designed for you to receive the best return on your investment (ROI). This service, at the very least, will broaden the understanding as to how the mandatory flood insurance requirements affect you and whether your flood insurance premium is accurate.

If FRS discovers you meet the criteria for further benefits through our process, you may elect to move forward to an additional Phase. FRS has an A+ rating with the BBB and we didn’t obtain that score in error. FRS will not encourage you to proceed if you do not have a strong case for either a reduction or a reclassification, through FEMA.

Please contact one of our caseworkers at (877) 311-6622 to begin the Preliminary Evaluation.

Order Your Preliminary Evaluation

Residential Evaluation $100.00
Commercial Evaluation $250.00

Once you fill out the Residential or Commercial evaluation, you will be taken to a payment screen for payment processing.

Once you fill out the information above for a Residential or Commercial evaluation, please click/tap on the “Send Email” button. Then click on the applicable button below to pay for the Preliminary Evaluation fee.

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