Flood Relief Specialists

Are you in a designated flood zone?

Is it making your insurance rates high?

Reasons for Flood Risk Accuracy

  • Benefits when marketing and selling structures
  • Improvements and/or development of initial footprint of existing structures
  • Security of being properly rated in the event a flood occurred
  • Building on vacant land while remaining in compliance
  • Reduction in annually required flood insurance
  • Reclassification if the criteria is met set forth by FEMA

Flood Risk Accuracy

FRS offers non-removal assistance, often resulting in an insurance cost reduction. Find out if you are in a flood zone and what is required. What is your flood zone risk?

FRS orders & secures elevation certificates nationwide.*

Elevation Certificates

Portfolio Analysis

FRS offers flood zone determinations nationwide. Comprehensive research & exceptional client service combined.

Some structure(s) are at a higher risk of flooding than others. Those that may be close to a lake, ocean front, or another body of water are more likely to suffer damage during a storm. To quantify this risk, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) categorizes properties that have a higher risk of flooding into one of several flood zones.

The type of flood zone you live in has a huge effect on the price of your flood insurance. In some cases, a policy for a property can cost significantly more than what it would cost in a different flood zone designation. If a property is affected by multiple flood zones, the insurer will rate the premiums based on the most hazardous zone.

If your structure is in or near a high-risk flood zone, you may be required to purchase a flood insurance policy to qualify for financing.

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Flood Relief Specialists


What satisfied customers are saying…

“I got my first invoice for flood insurance after after you handled the account and it was reduced from $6,000 per year to $1,264. You are the best!”

Gilbert Benjamin
Pennsauken, NJ

“I can highly recommend Lexi & her team at FRS. They are competent and very knowledgeable. They made the whole process a breeze in getting the requirement for flood insurance eliminated.”

R.J. Freedman
Indy, IN

“Flood Relief Specialists was professional and a pleasure to work with on two larger projects in Southern California. FRS successfully removed all flood requirements resulting in a annual savings of over $50,000. Had our management company company been made aware of FRS in the 90’s when these building were acquired, we could have saved over a half a million dollars! We highly recommend anyone paying flood insurance in a marginal zone to act now and contact FRS.”

Tony Maggi, MPMS Inc.
Garden Grove, CA

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Flood Relief Specialists

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  • Flood Risk Accuracy
  • Elevation Certificates
  • Portfolio Analysis
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